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CSIC: – The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)- is the largest public research organization in Spain and ranks third among Europe’s largest research organizations. ICB-CSIC participating in HERCCULES is one of the CSIC’s research institutes devoted to the research of advanced energy conversion processes with low carbon footprint.


- Participating in WP3 “Demonstration at TRL7-8 and optimization of the Calcium Looping pilot in an energy-from-waste plant” through the analysis of the calciner combustion conditions in the performance of the Ca-based sorbent as well as aiding WP partners in the definition of experimental matrix and characterization of samples from the pilot.
- Collaborating with LEAP and EUCORE in the activities required for project management and quality control (WP1).
- Participating with WP team for creating an engagement strategy and dialogues about public concern regarding CCUS (WP8).
- Contributing to the dissemination of project results through different communication channels (WP10).

The most relevant CCUS projects where CSIC is and has been involved in, are: 

- C4U - Horizon 2020 project whose main goal is to demonstrate two highly efficient solid based CO2 capture technologies, one of them based on Ca-Looping, into an iron and steel plant.–

- GLAMOUR - Horizon 2020 project where a chemical looping reforming process for producing bio-jet fuel will be demonstrated at relevant TRL.- 

- CALCEM - Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, ENE2015-68885-C2-2-R, 2016-2018. This project aimed progressing on the development of CaL technology integrated within the cement industry. The performance of a novel reactor configuration was assessed with typical Ca-based materials present in this type of industry.

Contact person: Isabel Martínez – mail: [email protected]

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