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The aim of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of the entire CO2 capture, transport, storage and utilisation chain in Southern Europe, in particular in Italy (Po Valley region) and Greece initiating concrete actions for the containment of CO2 emissions with an innovative, integrate and replicable approach.

This overarching objective will be reached through three different fields of action

  1. Modelling, engineering and experimental activities related to the capture, utilisation, transport and storage of CO2
    1. Capture and purification: the main focus is decarbonising the two strategic sectors for circular economy, the cement and waste-to-energy sectors.
    2. Use: part of the flow of purified CO2 captured in the plants of Titan, Buzzi and A2A, will be allocated to mineralisation production processes destined to the production of new cement-based materials that may replace the traditional concrete.
    3. Transport and storage: the high purity CO2 that will not be used for the processes described above will be sent to storage.
  2. Activities to exploit the experimental results obtained both in terms of technology scale-up and optimisation of the whole system.
  3. The technical aspects will be integrated with detailed evaluation about safety, social impact, engagement of local communities, legislative and financial aspects – (market mechanisms that should be implemented for the development of the CCUS), adopting a holistic approach to achieve the transition to a low-carbon economy.