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A2A SPA deals with energy, water and the environment, through a circular use of natural resources.

The company is committed to helping communities and customers nationwide, delivering services that are part of daily life and that can contribute concretely to the sustainable future of new generations.


Within HERCCULES , A2A SPA is:

- Lead Beneficiary of WP3 "Demonstration at TRL7-8 and optimisation of the Calcium Looping pilot in an Energy-from-Waste plant", coordinating and supervising the pilot plant engineering, assembly and commissioning and experimental tests;

- Assisting the WP team in the preliminary design for the implementation of the Calcium Looping technology at the WfE plant in Milan, in two different case studies (WP7).


The most relevant CCUS projects where A2A SPA is and has been involved in, are:

- development of carbon capture technology applied to WfE and CCGT plants;

- use of carbon dioxide captured by its plants.

The projects are developed in collaboration with industrial partners and public and private research centres.


Contact persons: Adriano Carrara – mail:

Entities' website: https://www.gruppoa2a.it/