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Artidek: is a research and production enterprise placed in Belohorodka, Ukraine. It is running in the two main fields:

  • Treatment of industrial wastes (coal ash, red sludge, phosphogypsum) to produce the high-valued products.
  • Developing and producing of alternative binder materials (both brand new and "well forgotten”).

Within HERCCULES, Artidek will have activity in:
- Synthesis, activation and testing of mineral-based sorbents of CO2 for single using with subsequent immobilization of them into concrete.
- Testing and comparison of the properties for the building materials, both conventional and modified with the CO2-saturated sorbents.
- Comparative analysis of the different CO2 utilization technologies.

Artidek does not collaborate with the identical projects.

Contact person: Vadim Gonchar. Mail: [email protected]

Entities' website: