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Buzzi SpA: is an international multi-regional group with headquarters in Casale Monferrato in Piedmont, Italy, focused on the production of cement, concrete and natural aggregates. The group operates in 14 countries and employs around 10,000 people. The Group has a long-term strategic vision and a dedicated management that operates with a view to sustainable development and quality production facilities.

- Leading the WP4 –“CO2 utilization & resource circularity” and supervising the correct implementation of all the envisaged activities.
- Providing assistance for engineering, demonstration and technology benchmarking for the new generation PCC pilot plant based on a hybrid CO2 capture technology (WP2).
- Providing assistance for the integrated CCUS chain including identification of sources of CO2 and definition of emission time profile (WP6).
- Assisting the WP team in retrofitting three cement plants with CO2 capture technology and in identifying potential future application of CCUS (WP7).

The most relevant CCUS projects where BUZZI is and has been involved in, are: 

- CLEANKER – Horizon2020 project working towards the advancement of the integrated Calcium-looping process for CO2 capture in cement plants.-

- ANICA -  is a project focused on developing a novel indirectly heated carbonate looping process for CO2 capture from lime and cement plants.-

- CATCH4CLIMATE – oxyfuel process for CO2 capture. The captured CO2 will then be used to produce "reFuels", climate-neutral synthetic fuels for air traffic.- 

Contact person: Fulvio Canonico - mail: [email protected]; Alberta Pellegrino - mail:[email protected] 

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