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Celitement GmbH & Co KG: The entity was founded in 2009 as part of a collaboration between research (KIT) and industry (SCHWENK). In 2020 Celitement became a 100% subsidiary of SCHWENK Building Materials Group. Celitement produces high-quality, hydraulic binders that are manufactured using a globally patented, energy-efficient process. Compared to Portland cement clinker, they are characterized by a specifically lower limestone consumption and lower process temperatures (in an autoclave). Celitement is developing and optimizing this new type of hydraulic binders with the aim of obtaining marketable products and thus contributing to reducing the CO2 intensity of the cement production. www.celitement.de.

Within HERCCULES, Celitement is:

- Participating in WP4 “CO2 Utilization & Resource Circularity” under the lead of Buzzi Unicem.
- Leading WP4_T4.1 “Testing, validation & utilization of CO2-neutral CaO-rich CaL purge to produce Celitement” (time frame M28- M46, CELIT, A2AAMB, BUZZI).
- Participating to WP4 T4.4 “Technical characterization and performance comparison of the HERCCULES building materials and carbon sink concrete” (time frame M30-M48; ARTIDEK, BUZZI, CELIT).

The most relevant CCUS projects where Celitement is and has been involved in, are:

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF and the project sponsor PTJ Jülich funded the optimization of the Celitement process with a focus on resources and energy efficiency during a three-year project. "Celitement - Development of a sustainable cement, TP3: Material and energetic optimization of the production process".

Contact person: Dr Andreas Hamm – mail: [email protected] 

Entities’ website: www.celitement.com