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Eni SpA: is a global energy company, committed towards a progressive change in its business model with a target of net zero scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2050. This transition relies on a detailed roadmap, with well-defined intermediate targets, which combines low-carbon technologies, renewables, biofuels, nature-based solutions and CCUS.

- Leading the WP5 “ Demonstration at TRL8 of sustainable and safe CO2 storage in Italy and Greece” providing access to its Ravenna CCS facilities to store the CO2 captured by the Herccules industrial partners located in Italy.
- Providing its technical know-how and business competence to support WP6 “Optimal design of the integrated CCUS chain, including transportation, for Southern European industrial clusters” in the definition of the CO2 transport network.
- Contributing to WP7 “Exploitation towards first-of-a-kind full-scale industrial projects especially” by defining a strategic development plan for future upscaling of CCUS from clusters of industrial emitters in Northern Italy and other relevant areas in the Mediterranean region, including the identification of potential CO2 storage fields.

The most relevant CCUS projects where ENI SPA is and has been involved in, are:
- RAVENNA CCS – In Italy Eni is developing, together with Snam, the Ravenna CCS Project which aims to decarbonise an important Italian industrial district by converting the depleted gas fields of the Adriatic into permanent geological storage sites for CO2, with impacts in terms of the local economy, jobs creation and jobs protection. The overall storage capacity of the offshore gas fields (over 500 million tonnes) will make Ravenna CCS the reference hub in the Mediterranean region. The start up of Phase 1 is expected for 2024 with a storage injection of 25 thousand tonnes per year of CO2 captured from Eni's Casal Borsetti gas plant. Phase 2 of the project will have with a storage injection of 4 million tonnes per year.- https://www.eni.com/en-IT/operations/storage-reuse-co2.html

HYNET North West – Eni is the operator of the HyNet North West consortium in the North West UK, leading the development of carbon dioxide transport, capture and storage at the site, which will transform one of the country’s most energy intensive industrial districts into the first low-carbon industrial cluster in the world. HyNet is expected to be operational by the middle of the current decade with a storage capacity of approximately 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year in the first phase and will reach approximately 10 million from 2030 (for an overall storage capacity of up to 200 million tonnes of CO2). This makes it a major contributor to the UK’s ambition to achieve a CO2 storage capacity of 20-30 million tonnes per year.- https://hynet.co.uk/

Contact person: Keith Hester - mail: [email protected]

Entities' website: https://www.eni.com/en-IT/home.html