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Boston Consulting Group – BCG, founded in 1963, is today a leader in strategy consulting, with more than 90 offices in 50 countries and 22,000 professionals. BCG works side by side with clients in different sectors and geographies to identify together the opportunities with the greatest added value, address critical challenges, and help them in business transformation. Present in Italy for over 30 years, BCG Italia operates through its two offices in Milan and Rome and leads the EMC System. 


- Leading the WP9 “Business and financial mechanisms and sustainable assessment for the full CCUS chain” and supervising the correct implementation of all the envisaged activities

- Providing assistance to the Project Coordinator and to all the beneficiaries for all project management endeavours (WP1)

- Assisting the WP team in developing a stakeholder and citizen engagement strategy for the time beyond the project (WP8 )

The most relevant CCUS projects where BCG is and has been involved in, are:

  1. Working paper industrial decarbonization pact: Defined together with the 7 leading Italian hard to abate industry associations (e.g., Federbeton, Cement) their decarbonization paths Link:
  2. Think Small to Unlock Carbon Capture’s Big Potential: Action Steps to Promote CCUS Networks, This article builds on the insights BCG has gained through its support of OGCI Climate Investments in developing an approach to catalyzing deployment of CCUS at scale and to building a portfolio of CCUS projects. Link:
  3. The Business Case for Carbon Capture: 4 areas to create value from CCUS Link:

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