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Clust-ER Greentech – Associazione Clust-ER Energia e Sviluppo sostenibile:  is an italian association of companies, research centers and educational institutions from Emilia-Romagna and beyond, collaborating through an open innovation approach in the areas of sustainable development.

Within HERCCULES , Greentech will be engaged primarily in aspects involving social acceptance and outreach. In particular, it will be mainly involved in:

- WP 8 - Social perception and community engagement - within which he is responsible for task 8.4 related to citizen engagement, and will provide support for Analysis of community public perception (task 8.3) and understanding of local implementation & research in Italy with regional stakeholders (8.5)

- WP 10 - Communication, dissemination and knowledge sharing - contributing to the tasks related to events (10.4) and recommendation to policy makers concerning CCUS (10.6).

The most relevant CCUS projects where Greentech is and has been involved in, are: 

- ENCASE - European Network of Research Infrastructures for CO2 Transport and Injection, is a Horizon project that aims to foster the development of new technologies and a network for carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage by fostering collaboration between business and research.

Contact person: Elisa Guasti – mail: [email protected] 

Entities’ website: