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LUT University: is a forerunner in research and teaching of clean and sustainable technologies. The participating laboratory of Thermal Engineering has been an active partner in innovative calcium looping projects since 2010. LUT University is contributing to reactor modelling, which will support process analysis, engineering and up-scaling of the calcium looping technology.

Within HERCCULES , LUT is:

- Supporting the design oxyfuel calciner demonstration through modeling and model based evaluation alternate of fuel options and retrofittability of existing cement plants (WP2).
- Supporting the design and analysis of calcium looping in Waste-to-Energy applications through modeling (WP3).
- Assessing the retrofitting of existing Waste-to-Energy and cement plants (WP7).

The most relevant CCUS projects where LUT is and has been involved in, are: 

- CaLby2030 – Horizon Europe project whose main goal is to act as enabling tool to achieve, by 2030, commercial deployment of Calcium Looping technology (CaL) using Circulating Fluidised Bed reactors.–

- CLEANKER – Horizon2020 project working towards the advancement of the integrated Calcium-looping process for CO2 capture in cement plants.-

- Caoling – 7th framework project where a 1 MW carbonate looping pilot was be built in the Hunosa 50 MWe CFB coal power plant of “La Pereda”.-

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