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Politecnico di Milano: is the largest technical university in Italy with about 47,500 students engaged in engineering, architecture, and industrial design courses. Excellent teaching and applied research are of outmost importance in POLIMI’s mission, and they have allowed the university to achieve high quality results at an international level.

Within HERCCULES , POLIMI will be involved in the following activities:

- WP2-3: Design and testing of the demo plants in cement and WtE, and process modelling of the full-scale hybrid technology and CaL system.
- WP4: Overseeing the mineralization pilot design and experimental test campaigns.
- WP6: Supporting the configuration of the CO2 transportation infrastructure.
- WP7: Process simulations and techno-economic KPIs evaluation.
- WP10: Leading task 10.5 on promoting CCUS through training and education.

The most relevant CCUS projects where POLIMI is and has been involved in, are: 

- CEMCAP – Horizon2020 project aimed at preparing the ground for large scale implementation of CO2 capture in the European cement industry.- https://www.sintef.no/projectweb/cemcap/

- CLEANKER – Horizon2020 project working towards the advancement of the integrated Calcium-looping process for CO2 capture in cement plants.- http://www.cleanker.eu/

- ENCASE – Horizon Europe project focusing on developing EU-wide research infrastructures for the CCUS chain (especially CO2 Transport and Injection), including thermo-physical characterization of CO2-based mixtures (website not yet available)

Contact person: Manuele Gatti – mail: [email protected]

Entities’ website: www.polimi.it